Magari is an Italian expression, originating from the Greek μακάριος (makarios), which means “blessed”. ​ In the context of an entire sentence, the word magari means “maybe”, but when used alone in an exclamation it becomes much more powerful: it expresses the idea of ​​desire, dream. Identify something you really want to happen, something you hope will become real.


We create products to last, both through their timeless design and manufacturing integrity. Our goal is to guarantee style with quality and longevity.

We are committed to long-term sustainability and responsible business practices. We act with integrity in our relationships and are committed to our social and environmental responsibility in all our business operations. These standards are fundamental to our values ​​as a company.

All of our production is made up of local labor and aims to support the Brazilian textile industry, valuing our relationship with our community.

Our path to sustainability is a journey of learning and discovery and we understand that this is our corporate responsibility. We are doing our best to understand how we can make a positive impact on our planet, and how we can act to preserve all the resources it gives us.


Our ethos as a brand is to be simple, timeless and purposeful. We produce designs that transcend trends and seasons and are committed to responsible consumption.

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